Stop Redflex Cameras – They are fraud and unconstitutional

This citizen journalist’s page is dedicated to stopping the use of REDFLEX cameras in Los Angeles and the United States of America. These cameras violate your constitutional rights as an American citizen and human being for several reasons, which we will get into. Safety is crucial in our cities but to employ devices like is demeaning to a civilized population of people and brings us one step closer to a government surveillance state. And that means more tax money going to monitoring innocent tax payers.

1. Redflex cameras are not put in for your safety. Redflex is a private organization and the sate places cameras at PROFITABLE intersections.
2. Redlight cameras are not a replacement for a human officer with the ability to make judgements on a situation.
3. Often times the police, state employees, and Redflex corporation refuse to provide you with records of the contracts or repair dates on the camera, and other important evidence.
4. Redflex is unlwaful and commits fraud by sending out “fake tickets” that look like real tickets, and people admit to guild in a situation that is unlawful.
5. According to legal experts there is a line in the contract between Redflex and certain cities that is unlawful.

HOW TO FIGHT IT – Demand Evidence from the Camera and proof of contract and maintenance:
REQUEST documentation of the following:

– A copy of the original contract between the government agency and the red light camera vendor including all updates, amendments, renewals, extensions, revisions, etc.
– All invoices from the red light camera vendor to the government agency
– Maintenance record for the camera
– High resolution images taken to identify the driver
– The entire 12 second sequence of the red light video
First five warning tickets and last five warning tickets for each approach as required by California Vehicle Code 21455.5. Confidential information about the driver should be redacted.
– Signal timing charts for the intersection
– The source code used in programming the red light camera



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