How the redflex red light traffic scam works

How the Redflex red light traffic scam works…

Where are the citizens in this meeting? This is cleary all about a new profitable revenue stream, and not about enforcing the public’s safety.

Police and law enforcement have a job: to act as peace officers. Their job is not to babysit high traffic intersections and impose a stream of frivolous excessive tickets 24 hours a day (with no due process). To aspire to achieve this kind of surveillance state is greedy and an unrealistic expectations of how human’s should behave.

This evasive surveillance technology only contributes to a less civilized society with more driver paranoia and it changes driver’s behaviors for the negative. They fail to elaborate in these meetings about the amount of backlash these cause, like citizens shooting the cameras: . America doesn’t need our states and counties pandering to a foreign camera corporation for a new revenue stream, we need to come up with more peaceful sustainable solutions.


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