Speeding Ticket Camera Company Caught Doctoring Photos.

speeding ticket camera company is doctoring photos.

In my years of research on the topic of red light cameras, this is the first case I’ve seen where the companies are editing the photos to limit the defendant’s proof to fight these unlawful tickets.

If you plan on fighting your ticket,make sure you analyze the photos and if there are other cars you have more of a case against the ticket.

Additional linkage (apparently this is old news on Reddit):



One response to “Speeding Ticket Camera Company Caught Doctoring Photos.”

  1. novusauto says :

    In a world where video is an increasingly ubiquitous; insurance companies and transport managers are now identifying the need for video evidence to resolve claims. Not to mention self employed citizens such as taxi drivers and tradesman – whom are often at the brunt of any vehicle incident dispute.
    car camera

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