Red light camera enforcement arrested – City discontinues red light enforcement program

Aren’t you disappointed to read that cities are paying this foreign corporation millions of dollars to enforce a clearly unconstitutional tax against it’s working class citizens?

My favorite comment on this article was from one concerned citizen who stated: “

Sorry Mayor Sam, its always been about the money. If not the money made by cities, then the money it costs its angry citizens when they get a $600 ticket (after fines, fees, and traffic school.) It always about the money. Only when the city starts to lose money, it costs more to have them than not, does a municipality address the issue, as Escondido did, preceded by L.A., Fullerton, San Diego, and San Juan Capistrano. They lost money, and shut down their programs.

Facts are most red light tickets were not for running through red light intersections, but for making a right turn and not coming to a complete stop at a light, far different than the death and doom these cameras were supposed to prevent.”

One excerpt from the article:

“Last year, the city paid Redflex about $627,000 and raised only $450,000 in ticket revenue with a net cost to the city of about $177,000. Other safety improvements made by the city cost significantly less and provided at least as much additional safety for drivers. In light of the cost and lack of additional safety benefit, it was felt the program has essentially run its course.”

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