Boycott the Iphone 5s! Iphone 5s Fingerprint Scanner is a Privacy Violation, They Will Send Your Biometrics to the Corporation

Slavery 5.0? No! Boycott the Iphone 5s! Iphone 5s Fingerprint Scanner is a Privacy Violation, you are a free citizen, this country is not a prison facility.

From the country that brought you the NSA and citizen wire tapping… comes the new Iphone 5s fingerprint scanner! And the kicker here is you actually PAY to submit your fingerprints to them for their records. “Be a good slave and pay us to fingerprint you!” may be their motto.

Stand up for your personal liberties and basic rights as a non-criminal to not have to surrender your fingerprints to a corporation. Here is why.

The Iphone 5s fingerprint scanner is a violation of privacy, cloaked as a hip new feature. Apple is opening up a gateway to other devices, facilities, and establishments casually taking your finger print, and this is all part of the surveillance state.

Many people will say “If I don’t have anything to hid than why should I worry”? This is a flawed, passive stance, and your assuming your government is benign and will do nothing to harm you. Well please pull your heads out of your asses and see that the country we live in now is moving towards a police state.

If you can’t afford the $400 iphone 5s, ere are several reasons you may not want a private corporation holding on to your biometrics and fingerprints. When someone has your fingerprints, and billing info and call history, and affiliated data, they may be able to access your personal records, and it’s a step closer to building a prison system.

Boycott the Iphone 5s!



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One response to “Boycott the Iphone 5s! Iphone 5s Fingerprint Scanner is a Privacy Violation, They Will Send Your Biometrics to the Corporation”

  1. Jashan says :

    I very much agree with your posting regarding being very cautious with those corporations and those pathologically paranoid agencies – and certainly, it’s wise to not simply trust Apple. But they *say* that the biometric data is stored in a protected section of the A7 chip and the data is not accessible even to apps. In other words, if they say the truth (which, of course, could be very questionable), it’s actually a feature that will prevent people from invading your privacy when they steal your phone (like … cops, for instance).

    If you don’t trust Apple (which is very understandable): Send a message to Tim Cook and let him know about it. He’s human like everyone else and rumor has it he reads his emails. It’s time the citizens of the world speak up and make it very clear that we do not consent to paranoid terrorists spying on us.

    Of course, boycott is an option, too 😉

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