Cameras in TV and cable box watching you? More Proof?

Over the past ten years I have read various articles stating there is technology in televisions, cable boxes, and computers that can secretly monitor our every more. There is even a rumor that web flash allows sites to watch you through your camera.

Check out this link on a webcam vulnerability through flash:

But recently I read this goodie.

Cameras in Your Cable Box Watching You (See the Built in Camera & Microphone)




“Rather than you watching television, it is they who are watching you! Verizon has recently patented a cable DVR box that will use audio and video to record and analyze what’s going on in your living room so that they can provide targeted ads in real time on the TV to suit what’s going on. Now, one reason may be advertising and marketing, but since they can listen and watch, just think, smile you may be on candid camera!”


Warning – Extra Creepy:

Here is another link where students caught their school spying on them through their home computers:



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