About Stop Redflex

This site, or “blog” is to bring awareness to citizens about the REDFLEX corporation camera fraud happening around the United Sates.

This is the beginning of a war against ignorance. Citizens need know know that REDLEX and unconstitutional surveillance devices are being used as a weapon to destroy our freedom and to make profit for a rich few.

As human beings, we have so-called “born rights” to freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, our country has steeped to new lows. The so called “leaders” of our country now panders to large international corporations, including red light camera companies like REDFLEX, who enforce laws not approved by citizens, and impose unlawful taxes up us in our families.

The site will also discuss other topics related to corporations spying on Americans, the growing surveillance state, and other instances of corporations spying violating our trust.

We use the term “blog” but this term is erroneous, this is actually citizen journalism. We believe the term blog was coined and manufactured by mainstream media and corporate PR agency shills to trivialize messages coming from the public writers.

A citizen journalist reporting news in their region is more valuable than a news outlet owned to confuse consumer slaves.

There are several reasons why the REDLEX cameras are unconstitutional . Below are some of the main reasons:

1. These corporations are operating and “enforcing laws” without honoring citizen’s basic liberties and depriving citizens of their rights to due process. These cameras are being installed against the will of the people without any sort of voting from the citizen body.

2. The state and government is pandering to REDFLEX and other similar corporations and vendors, and placing the cameras at the most profitable intersections, and justifying these acts by deceiving the public with lies, such as saying it’s for “safety”.

3. Violation of the Bill of Rights – excessive taxation. This also falls in the category of class warfare.


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