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Big Brother pay by the mile – Track and tax driving scheme being rolled out now

Big Brother pay by the mile – Track and tax driving scheme being rolled out now ( PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SHARE BEFORE THIS IS REMOVED FROM THE INTERNET )

The U.S. is already taxing citizens to drive in toll lanes, aka “Lexus Lanes”. Citizens in the U.S. are already paying taxes for the roads. These toll lanes are an extra commodity tax, and they are unconstitutional in nature.

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License Plate Reader Technology Looks At Faces Police and private companies link facial recognition software to databases that track motorists.

License Plate Reader Technology Looks At Faces
Police and private companies link facial recognition software to databases that track motorists.

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Vigilant Solutions“The leading suppler of automated license plate reader technology in the US (ALPR, also known as ANPR in Europe) is expanding its offerings to law enforcement. Vehicle owners have already had their movements tracked by the company Vigilant Solutions, which boasts 2 billion entries in its nationwide database, with 70 million additional license plate photographs being added each month. Now passengers can also be tracked if they hitch a ride with a friend and are photographed by a camera aimed at the front of the car. The Livermore, California-based firm recently announced expanded integration of facial recognition technology into its offerings.

“The new Vigilant Mobile Companion app expands the benefits of license plate recognition and facial recognition technologies to all areas of the agency,” a Vigilant Solutions press release claimed. “Using many of the new analytic tools that Vigilant has released in its Learn product over the last couple of years, the app makes these tools even more easy to use and accessible on a mobile device. The app also features Vigilant’s Facesearch facial recognition which analyzes over 350 different vectors of the human face.”

Though primarily intended for fixed security camera installations, the software could allow police to identify the occupants of vehicles when the system is supplied with a clear photograph of a car’s interior. In states such as California and Arizona where red light cameras and speed cameras photograph the front of a car, the video stream can be analyzed in “near real time” to catalog and identify the driver and anyone in the passenger seat of passing vehicles, flagging any “person of interest.”

The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia recently acknowledged the ability of standard ANPR systems to track a vehicle using the Vigilant Solutions online database that goes by the name National Vehicle Location Service, which has been fed with license plate images from law enforcement and private sources since 2008.

“A subsequent investigation revealed that a 2012 black Range Rover is registered to Eduard,” the court wrote on December 17 in the case United States v. Loz. “A search of the National Vehicle Location Service’s database also showed that this Range Rover had been spotted eight times near the closest intersection to Eduard’s Forest Hills residence.”

CLASS WARFARE UPDATE – “Lexus Lanes” on Orange County Interstate Despite Local Opposition

Free America, and stop excessive unconstitutional taxes against men and women. This article is not about robotic redlight cameras, but is about the class warfare that is occurring in the US and CA, against the poor, working class, and middle class.


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“When Orange County voters passed Measure M2 in 2006, they committed spending $1.3 billion to widen a 14-mile stretch of the busy I-405 by one lane in each direction. The project is set to begin in 2016 and finish four years later.

On Friday, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announced it wants to add another lane to the county’s project for $400 million, group it with the existing free carpool lane and charge people money to drive in them. Current toll lane prices elsewhere in the state have approached $10 for a one-way trip.

Caltrans would get a couple of revenue-producing “Lexus lanes” and people willing and able to pay for a more luxurious driving experience would have a less-encumbered thoroughfare. Less fortunate Orange County motorists would have the same five free lanes that drove them to pass Measure M2 eight years ago, when there were fewer drivers on the road.

Caltrans also considered a plan that would have skipped the toll lane and added a second free lane to the Orange County one-lane project for another $100 million, but opted for the costlier option, although it’s not clear where the money would come from.

Caltrans has been pushing for toll lanes elsewhere in the state. Los Angeles pushed back before adding toll lanes on sections of two freeways. Riverside County is creating them on one freeway and San Bernardino County is taking a hard look at them. Orange County and Caltrans have been arguing about them for more than a year.

Six cities along the route banded together in opposition and in December the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) voted not to support a toll lane. OCTA’s opposition didn’t matter and in its press release announcing the decision acknowledged, “As the ultimate owner and operator of the state highway system, Caltrans has the final decision.”

Orange County leaders who talked to the Los Angeles Times were not happy with the Caltrans decision and one detected a whiff of revolution in the air. “I think once voters realize what’s coming down at them, they’re going to rebel and people are going to want to keep the freeways free,” Huntington Beach Mayor Matthew Harper said.

The revolution, Harper implied, would be more about government raising taxes and fees than about favoritism for the privileged or monetized public property originally developed for the common good. But revolt is revolt, and opponents of the toll lanes think Caltrans is going to have a tough time getting them financed.

“Caltrans has no money (for express lanes) and no plan right now,” Orange County Supervisor and OCTA Chairman Shawn Nelson told the Orange County Register. Nelson said, “Maybe they’ll catch us at the tail end (of construction). But that’s a big if.”

Project planners want a final environmental document finished by early next year and time’s awasting. Caltrans estimates that traffic on the 14-mile stretch of I-405 will increase 35% by 2040.”

Red-Light Camera Scam: Judge Throws Out Tickets, Could Have Major Implications


“A Norfolk judge decided to throw out the red light camera ticket for an entire intersection. This could have major implications for the city, and others that have corrupt revenue generation.

“He didn’t believe it was fair, and acquitted me of the charges,” said David Butler.

Butler credits a story, ran on red-light cameras in Norfolk that showed how the city shortened yellow light times on the very day enforcement started.

Not only that but physicists investigated the cities lights and found them at some points to be impossible even to make it through the intersection legally during the yellow.

If drivers have a proper yellow light time, there should be no problem.”

Texan accused of disabling 100 cars over Internet – 4 Year Old Article!

Texan accused of disabling 100 cars over Internet

Ok, I know this was posted in 2010, which is disturbing to know this kind of technology exists in the hands of potential idiots.  According to this article, a sales man in Texas had the ability to shut down any car bought from his dealership that had the GPS device in it.  This device was used to disable cars so people behind on their car payment could not drive their cars. It would also set off the car’s horn, so the repo-man could locate the vehicle if it was hidden.

(AP) — A man fired from a Texas auto dealership used an Internet service to remotely disable ignitions and set off car horns of more than 100 vehicles sold at his old workplace, police said Wednesday.

Austin police arrested Omar Ramos-Lopez, 20, on Wednesday, charging him with felony breach of .

Ramos-Lopez used a former colleague’s password to deactivate starters and set off car horns, police said. Several car owners said they had to call tow trucks and were left stranded at work or home.

“He caused these customers, now victims, to miss work,” Austin police spokeswoman Veneza Aguinaga said. “They didn’t get paid. They had to get tow trucks. They didn’t know what was going on with their vehicles.”

Ramos-Lopez was in the Travis County Jail on Wednesday with bond set at $3,000. The Associated Press could not find a working phone number for his family.

The Texas Auto Center dealership in Austin installs GPS devices that can prevent cars from starting. The system is used to repossess cars when buyers are overdue on payments, said Jeremy Norton, a controller at the dealership where Ramos-Lopez worked. horns can be activated when repo agents go to collect vehicles and believe the owners are hiding them.”

Anti Redlight Camera Activist Jay Beeber – A United States Folk Hero Standing up to the Scam

We recently discovered Jay Beeber who runs this site:

Here is a great interview with Beeber:

Excerpt from their site:

“Safer Streets L.A. is a grassroots organization dedicated to furthering the interests of the motoring public through the adoption of scientifically sound and sensible transportation and traffic laws.  We adhere to the principle of “safety first” as opposed to the usual short-sighted approach of “enforcement first” as we understand that increased enforcement does not always result in safer streets.  When it does, we support it.  However, safety problems on our roadways are often the result of an engineering or information deficiency, not a willful driver behavior problem requiring increased enforcement and draconian fines.”

Red light camera enforcement arrested – City discontinues red light enforcement program

Aren’t you disappointed to read that cities are paying this foreign corporation millions of dollars to enforce a clearly unconstitutional tax against it’s working class citizens?

My favorite comment on this article was from one concerned citizen who stated: “

Sorry Mayor Sam, its always been about the money. If not the money made by cities, then the money it costs its angry citizens when they get a $600 ticket (after fines, fees, and traffic school.) It always about the money. Only when the city starts to lose money, it costs more to have them than not, does a municipality address the issue, as Escondido did, preceded by L.A., Fullerton, San Diego, and San Juan Capistrano. They lost money, and shut down their programs.

Facts are most red light tickets were not for running through red light intersections, but for making a right turn and not coming to a complete stop at a light, far different than the death and doom these cameras were supposed to prevent.”

One excerpt from the article:

“Last year, the city paid Redflex about $627,000 and raised only $450,000 in ticket revenue with a net cost to the city of about $177,000. Other safety improvements made by the city cost significantly less and provided at least as much additional safety for drivers. In light of the cost and lack of additional safety benefit, it was felt the program has essentially run its course.”

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